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Executive Committee Meetings

The Executive Committee of the Hudson Mohawk Group meets every 2nd Thursday of the month except July. The meetings are typically at the Sage Colleges in Albany in room 105 of the Campus Center. All Sierra Club members are invited to attend. We would appreciate advance notice if you are planning to attend. Please contact Pete at 518-210-5294 if you would like to attend. If there are changes to the location, we will do our best to post them on this website in advance of the meeting.

Albany Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

The city of Albany is requesting the input of the public


This plan expands its coverage to people walking. Benefits of the bicycle plan include less noise and air pollution, better health, lower taxes and insurance premiums/co-pays, more parking for motor vehicles, greater street equity for those who must rely on public transport, their feet or their bicycles, lower street maintenance costs, greater attractiveness of the city as a place to live, more revenue for business and professions, and – in general – a better quality of life for all.


The city is making opportunities available through Zoom meetings, on-line surveys, and direct contact to gather your input on visions for the city. 


Sharing your input on this plan is an opportunity to shape the future of our city and the results of this plan. Consultants working for the city frequently mention the paucity of response and input from residents/street users when doing studies for the city.


The City's Department of Planning and Development is building on the 2009 Bicycle Master Plan with an added pedestrian component. The city asks your help answering questions such as the following:


What intersections or mid-block points could use crosswalks or signalization?

What controlled intersections should be all-ways stop/walk?

Where are new bicycle infrastructures or new sidewalks needed? What types?

How can we improve accessibility, safety, and signage to attract non-motorized travelers on wheel and on foot?

What we do to encourage non-motor-vehicle transportation?

What are your other related questions or comments?


For more information please visit this link, the project website, the project induction video, the 2009 proposal


Please direct any questions to Zachary Powell at




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