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   Albany Bicycle Master Plan

This plan expands its coverage to people walking. Benefits of the bicycle plan include less noise and air pollution, better health, lower taxes and insurance premiums/co-pays, more parking for motor vehicles, greater street equity for those who must rely on public transport, their feet or their bicycles, lower street maintenance costs, greater attractiveness of the city as a place to live, more revenue for business and professions, and – in general – a better quality of life for all.


The city is making opportunities available through Zoom meetings, online surveys, and direct contact to gather your input on visions for the city. 


Sharing your input on this plan is an opportunity to shape the future of our city and the results of this plan. Consultants working for the city frequently mention the paucity of response and input from residents/street users when doing studies for the city.


The City's Department of Planning and Development is building on the 2009 Bicycle Master Plan with an added pedestrian component. The city asks your help building upon the plan.


Please direct any questions or comments to Zachary Powell (

Albany Zero Waste Initiative

Contact: Tina Lieberman

  Buy Local Grow Local

Buy Local, Grow Local provides an online resource that promotes businesses in the Capital Region that are locally owned and emphasize sustainability (Buy Local). 


The website also provides resources to encourage the growing of food locally by residents and farms (Grow Local). 


Goals of the project is to increase local resilience and revenue while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 


Check out for more information: Buy Local Grow Local




The Hudson-Mohawk Group’s leaders and volunteers focus on a variety of priority projects and campaigns including: curbing climate change, reducing energy demand and increasing renewable energy, reducing air and water pollution and toxic chemicals use, and protecting wetlands and other critical natural areas, wildlife and farmlands and emphasizing smart waste management.  We link with our Atlantic Chapter staff and volunteers and organizations and activists at the state and local level to strengthen our efforts.   Grassroots conservation actions at the local level are critical to our communities and NYS becoming sustainable. 


Conservation Chair: Susan Lawrence -

Dunn Landfill

Contact: Susan Lawrence

Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice: Aaron Mair -

Global Warming

Contact: Tina Lieberman


Membership Contact: Steve Davis -


Outings Chair: Don Pachner -

Political Committee

The Political Committee makes recommendations for endorsement of candidates in Federal, State, and local elections and works on the races of those selected candidates.  The recommendations are made based on a review of the candidates' voting record in office.  If the candidate is not currently in office the candidates will complete a questionnaire and attend an interview to provide their position on environmental issues.  If the Political Committee decides to begin the endorsement process for a particular race, all candidates will be offered the opportunity to apply.


Political Chair: Steve Redler -

Program Committee

The programs committee works to organize speakers at group meetings and events. This committee is currently in hibernation due to the Covid-19 pandemic but we are looking forward to future programs.

   Volunteers & Education Committee

The Volunteer and Education Committee works to help spread the word about Sierra Club events and community initiatives. We gather the names of interested volunteers and create an email list to let people know about volunteer opportunities that support the environment. Email Tina to get involved!
Contact: Tina Lieberman -
Saratoga County Conservation: Bill Koebbeman  wkebb @




Website Manager: Marissa DiMaria


Marissa is the Website Manager for the Sierra Club Hudson-Mohawk Group. Marissa works in Mental Illness and Chemical Dependency in the Albany and Schenectady area. Marissa's hobbies include horseback riding and skiing. Marissa designs and updates the Sierra Club Hudson-Mohawk Group’s website with current events, news and opportunities to get involved. Please reach out to her by email if you have any news that you would like included on our website!




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